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Have you ever wonder why your favorite movie is your favorite movie? Or why some specific episode of your favorite show made you hallucinate? Well, here you would find the answer or at least some new knowledge that will allow you to understand why you like the stories you like.

Every well-written story follows something called “Narrative Arc” which is also known as Freytag’s Pyramid or Freytag’s Triangle. This is a chronological construction that consists of telling a story through five steps that we will see later on.

This model was developed by the German novelist and playwright Gustav Freytag…

Just like buttons, shadows are another UI element brought from real life to design. If you grab your phone and open the calculator app, you’ll see how each number is a UI element called a button which is a real-life representation of the buttons that actually calculators have. Shadows, like buttons, is just that, a representation of real-life things.

Comparison between a digital and a physical calculator

So now it’s time to understand what a shadow is. According to the dictionary a shadow is a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.

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In the lasts months, I’ve been working on new content for this blog, I have learned so much and I feel like I have so much to share but days don’t have enough hours to finish with my other projects.

I have projects that I’ve been postponing because of my lack of time, but step by step I’m retaking them and going forward to grow them.

During the last months, I’ve been having this feeling like I’m not good enough to even be called “designer” even when I’ve been working as one and my team always compliment me for my…

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In our daily life, we think a lot about a million things, and of course, we came out with a lot of ideas, some of them are tiny but some others are big ones. The sad thing is that most of the time we don’t pay attention and we just forget them but when we need to come up with a new idea we just block out and think we’re not good at it.

I’ve heard and read a lot that the best way to have ideas is to have a problem, you know, most of the time ideas are…

Last week I talked about my UX/UI Process when building websites belongs, this week I want to explain and talk more about the first step: Strategy.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here you can read my last post.

As I said in the past post, in a first step, we want to build a strategy that helps us to reach not only our goals as a designer but the client company goals. The question is How?

To build a strategy we have to establish five main points:
➜What are our goals?
➜Who our users are?
➜What my client and their…

Running back through time, a couple of years ago I used to do web design as a freelancer. I never coded them I just used to make the design and sometimes pass it out to Wix or some other platform.

Back then I didn’t have a process to design or even to deliver a work, it was until I decided to become a full-time UI/UX Designer when I learn more about the process.

First I started making my own process to improve my work (and surprisingly it wasn’t too bad at all). It used to be something like this: create…

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Since I started as a UX/UI Designer, I was mainly focusing on design (or that was what I thought). I remember one of my firsts web design, it was a landing page for my own. Back then I had no idea of what I wanted to communicate, I just wanted to design, have a website and it’s all (in a future post I will talk about the process of building websites and how to avoid this kind of situations).

If I had something clear, it was that I wanted a website to use as a self-introduction but how I would…

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